Amatrra: India's most luxurious Wellness Destination

“Amatrra” symbolizes itself as the silence that occurs during meditation, between recurrent chants of Om. This silence is the core of connectivity that leads to bliss inner peace and harmony. Amatrra strives to unlock and balance positive and negative, internal and external energies naturally in a step towards self-realization in harmony with the Cosmos.

Amatrra Spa offers a synergic blend of therapeutic and rejuvenation treatments based on traditional Indian Ayurveda and Oriental spa rituals complimenting the best in the industry. The spa emphasizes on the holistic approach towards body, mind and soul. Amatrra Spa offers and patents exclusive Body & Beauty treatments based on research and experience.

The member profile at Amatrra is a reflection of this careful targeting. The Spa memberships are offered exclusively through special invitation. The facilities provided at the Spa are designed keeping the premium urban elite audience in mind. If you are one of the fortunate few who do receive an invitation, prepare yourself to make a lifestyle statement that will truly and undeniably energise your life.

While the Amatrra experience is steeped in ancient Indian knowledge and traditions, the facilities, equipment and technologies deployed within the Spa are the best in the world. Laid out over an expanse of over 45,000 square feet, Amatrra is conveniently located in Chanakya Puri at The Ashok, New Delhi. Amatrra is a convenient stop to unlock energy in order to equip oneself to cope with the rigors and stress of life in the city. Amatrra Spa offers and patents exclusive Body & Beauty treatments based on research and experience.

Along with prestigious and elite members / endorsees patronising us, we have also had the honour of visits by Eminent Personalities, Diplomats, Celebrities and High Net Worth Individuals. According to their personal view, “Amatrra is the best Spa they have ever seen or experienced, all in all, it’s a world-class product and facility”.

Our Mission

We have concentrated all our efforts to evolve as a highly dynamic, yet focused organisation by creating maximum business through proactive corporate governance and value-added services.

Operational timings are from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Amatrra Services