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amatrra_spa_newsletterAmatrra Spa offers a synergic blend of therapeutic and rejuvenation treatments based on traditional Indian Ayurveda and Oriental spa rituals complimenting the best in the industry. The spa emphasizes on the holistic approach towards body, mind and soul.The Spa facilities are targeted at a premium urban elite audience, a fact that is also intrinsic to the super-premium membership structures.

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homeBeauty Pavilion is well equipped with state of art highly sophisticated equipment which allow to rediscover Health & Beauty using Internationally acclaimed professional & result oriented products. The Unisex Salon is equipped with high end Japanese range, solace forte: luxurious manicure & pedicure stations with attached massage hydrojet, aqua vibro: a robotic shampoo unit that uses pulses of warm pressurized water to cleanse the scalp & hair without scratching. The Beauty services includes

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Swimming Pool

swming1Amatrra swimming pool, one of its kinds in the city, is the perfect way of relaxation & fitness. A harmonious blend of lily pools and green corridors, await you in a soothing sanctuary. The pool, enclosed in natural greens all around, gives you complete privacy and an experience par excellence.

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Yoga & Pilates

yogaSpecial experts and Studios dedicated to serene Yoga sessions and active Pilates attract a star following.It is a definite curative science that offers holistic solutions relevant to our modern day society and its ills. It helps us evolve from a creature guided by instinct into a rational being.Whether your goal is to redefine or re-sculpt your body, build strength or improve flexibility, Pilates will change the shape of your body and give it the most amazing toned look.

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gymA unique lifestyle journey, at Amatrra we ensure workouts are high energy, motivational and fun. We have E-series cardio stations from Startrac and for strength we have Technogym Bio-Strength series with a unique system of wellness system software which is complimented with guidance by well qualified, trained and experienced trainers.Membership is by invitation only. If you are one of the fortunate few who do receive an invitation to subscribe for membership, prepare to make a lifestyle statement that will truly and undeniably energise your life.

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Food & Beverages

foodThe restaurant offers a relaxed and serene ambience; the space is clad in shades of exuberant reds, classic black and sparkling gold. Island Bar, the one-stop health junction at Amatrra, bases its culinary technique on ancient Ayurveda that combines equal measures of nutrition and pleasure. For a complete replenishment and relaxation, remedial hot and cold drinks based on Ayurveda and Astrophysics are served here.

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Amatrra Services
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